…to my newly updated website, and my first official blog post…oh my god im a blogger now

So…what now?

well maybe i should introduce myself,


so, my name is Alan and im a Photographer…well actually thats only half true, you see, how ive been making money so far is by working in theater, im a musical performer, i work in musicals.

I can hear you all now “oh here we go, another performer turned photographer.”

Well, i get it, it happens a lot, most likely because it’s another creative outlet and to be honest it’s a lot less physically active than being a dancer, so you can be creative AND lazy, yeyyyyy.

(although i find myself awfully sweaty on a lot of shoots)

Interestingly i was never really interested in photography, i was too preoccupied with my other passion of dance and theater, i didn’t know there was room for another interest let alone another passion.

Well let me tell you there’s a whole world of cool stuff out there, and things to be passionate about are EVERYWHERE (including Scuba Diving but that’s for another blog).

I found a new passion/obsession in Adobe Photoshop. I started off learning to retouch, hours spent in front of the computer watching endless Photoshop tutorials at the “School of YouTube”. At this point i didn’t have access to high-res images to follow along with so i was limited in ability and quality. Cut to me buying a camera…i thought ok, i can create my own high-res images, but i’ll buy the most entry-level dslr i can find because who knows, maybe ill shoot once and never pick it up again.

Boy was i wrong :)

So now after HOURS, DAYS, and YEARS of sitting through the ‘School of YouTube” and the AWESOME “School of Creative Live”, buying all the gear ill never need, changing camera systems and doing it all again, i am here with my new updated website for you all, trying to be a blogger and sound interesting because its not enough to be good at one thing you have to be great at and DO EVERYTHING!!!

Please Enjoy

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thank you for your time